Evolution Blade Cutter Laminator

Fri Apr 6th, 2018

Evolution Blade Cutter and Laminator will cut blade from master rolls of doctor blade material, laminate a foam strip to the blade and load to a carton. Laminating the foam strip will help with ink migration in the seat of the Doctor Blade chamber. When changing blades its important to clean the area where the blade sits for proper sealing and to reduce wrinkles in the blade material. If blades wrinkle when installed incorrect anilox roll wipe occurs because of the uneven pressure from the wrinkled blade to the anilox roller. The Evolution blade cutter Laminator will also cut blade to tight tolerances and keep edges square to help reduce slinging of the chambers. One of the reasons chambers sling is because blades are often cut free hand with a snips or scissors and the material is not square allowing ink to build on the end of the anilox roller. With ink built up on the end of the anilox roller it slings onto the plate and impression rolls.

Small foot print Fast and simple Electronic settings Program and walk away Safer than cutting by hand Save on pre-cut blade costs. Cut your blades as required. Automatically loads blades to container Make your own customized blade material Minimize outsource costs for cutting blade material No more wasted material from incorrect cut lengths. Manual or automatic blade cutting and laminating machines are available. Laminate foam to your blades to prevent ink penetration on blade chambers